It  may have started as an idea back in 2016 but this idea quickly grew into an opportunity for both Terrain Group and the Australian market. You are no doubt thinking wow only 12 months from brief to conception, and you’d be right….joining forces with an International company can take years to get off the ground yet Marco Vivian, Director of The Italian Lab, was eager to see this come to life as soon as possible, or in Italian… appena possibile.

So, why Australia? Well this may come as no surprise but Australia has some of the best parks, main streets and open spaces. The Italian Lab were looking for a place that would see their urban design fit well into the community for both use and visual appreciation.

Not only did Australia fit the brief, it has welcomed such aesthetically pleasing-on-the-eye furniture, transforming its public spaces into formal lounges.

Where to from here? Well, the City of Prospect in Adelaide have been the first to get on board and incorporate this amazing street furniture into their city. Opting for the Ego bench, this captivating design piece screams cool and relaxed sophistication – something the people of Prospect can relate to.

Great things are happening around Australian streets, parks and open spaces so keep your eyes open the next time you’re walking the dog or grabbing your coffee hit, you just might spot a designer piece from The Italian Lab. Or better yet, take a look now…. trust me you’ll love me for it.