We celebrated our two-year anniversary of being in Australia recently. Terrain Group is the exclusive supplier of The Italian Lab’s modern and elegant products.

Located across Australia, Terrain Group distributes and installs our products in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Horbart and throughout regional areas.

Our collections include – benches, charms, litter bins, recycling bins, bike racks, fountains, ashtrays, bollards and planters.


We are driven to transform the Australian streets and parks. Both The Italian Lab and the Terrain Group want to create an aesthetically pleasant outdoor environment through the use of quality products and unique designs.


We are very conscious of using sustainable practices in our manufacturing unit. The Italian Lab’s production cycle is powered by 9000 square meters of solar paneling with 600kw productiveness. We are reducing the CO2 emissions with our 95% inner production plant.


We are part of an industrial group that has been primarily in the steel processing industry for more than 18 years. The Italian Lab uses the latest technology and skilled employees to develop beautifully designed and cleverly manufactured products to add chic to any urban setting. We thrive on making outdoor environments pleasant, stunning and unique with our high quality statement pieces.


Our Urban Life product range offers elegant sophisticated design with outstanding quality. The range can be customised in both colour and dimensions. We also offer customisation to our clients with their own drawings.