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Your vision of delivering a remarkable outdoor project that will stand out for a number of years will now become a reality.

You can visualize communities enjoying your creations and design. You can picture a number of clients lining up to work with you. Your designs are not only unique but have the power to put your name up there.

How do you ensure you kick start your project with a bang?

Where do you look and find those eye-catching, statement pieces that are functional, built to last and add the WOW factor to your design?

We understand the demands and frustrations involved when your specified furniture doesn’t work with the design or there are material and site restrictions.

More than 40 years of working with an array of architects and urban designers, we have devised an easier way to plan and deliver outdoor projects, bringing their visions to life. 

“I wish I had come to you earlier on in this project,” is the most common thing we hear. And that’s why we created our FREE DESIGN CONSULTATION, to offer advice and feedback on your project ensuring it’s off to a great start.

Our goal is to provide value and support for you to find exactly what you need. This is not a sales pitch to sell something to you, on the contrary, it is to help you turn your vision into reality.

Here is what you can expect in this Free Design Consultation session:


Detailed product advice to help you determine which products will work best for your unique needs.


Help with project specifications.


Advice on product customisation or suitable alternatives, based on your designs and your vision.


We’ve worked on hundreds of projects and can provide design ideas and recommendations.

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