A unique modular design, enabling seamless integration in any urban surrounding is what the Pebbles Collection is all about.

Used in Woden, Canberra’s CBD, the Pebbles have been set in an urban precinct with office buildings, footpaths and restaurants. They completely fit in this outdoor environment, giving people a chance to experience this unique stylish design.

Be it a coastal environment or city streets, sitting on Pebbles can be exciting and relaxing. Its a furniture piece unlike any other which compliments any architectural design.

Tailor made to almost any space, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor public places where a modern, sophisticated and unique design is desired.

The Pebbles are made of Ultra High Performance Concrete and the seat is internally reinforced with a steel structure. Moreover, within the seat there are 10-mm holes for rainwater drainage for the wet months. The collection comes in small, medium and large sizes and can be colour customised.

Pebbles don’t just create seating, but an amazing experience that makes you go AAH!