The load bearing structure of the Minimal Bench, dim. 1000 x 46 x h 400 is made of steel tube bar 40x40 T. 2 mm, covered with two 30/10 mm thick steel sheet panels.

On the upper part of the load bearing structure two solid “L” elements (30x50x560 mm, T. 50/10) are welded to attach the exotic wooden slats, treated with natural waterproof oils, dim. 40x2000xh 60 mm. In the lower part of the edge of the bench there are two supporting L-shaped brackets 30x50x560 mm, T. 50/10.

Ground fixing is by underground cementing (h 140 mm) on a suitable 80/10 thick lock plate with 4 suitable bolts (not supplied); the anchoring can be also done ground-level in the same way.

All the steel parts are then cold galvanised and polyester powder coated.

Dimensions (mm): L 2000, W 580, H 450