Equinox Evolution is the boutique event designed for leading industry professionals to explore innovative designs and technologies within the construction and building industry.

During September and October, The Italian Lab Australia, exclusive to Terrain Group, exhibited at the Sydney and Melbourne events. It was a fantastic opportunity for us to show off the innovative and unique designs that The Italian Lab Australia offers, as well as to meet a number of fantastic designers, architects and other specialists in the architecture world.

Our products were very well received and we wish to thank the 600 plus attendees who showed such interest, not only in the event and the many industry leading exhibitors who joined us, but also in our products more specifically. The Italian Lab is recognised across the World as a brand that challenges the traditional concept of urban furniture, offering cutting edge designs that don’t follow trends, they actually create them. Designed and manufactured in Italy, The Italian Lab’s products allow urban and landscape architects’ to release themselves from the confines of traditional urban furniture products, opening the door to a new generation of functional, yet visually stunning open spaces.

If you would like to redefine the design of your open spaces, The Italian Lab could be just what you’re looking for to create that unique look, without being at the expense of function. Contact our team at The Italian Lab Australia today, to learn more.